Helpful Tips For Parents

Say these five phrases to build a positive relationship
with your daughter.

"I love you"

Everyone breathing needs to be told they are loved. Parent tip: If your teen is embarrassed by public displays of affection, then write her a note and leave it in a special place to be discovered.

"Thank you"

A word of thanks goes a long way. In a world that demands so much, gratitude is so meaningful. Parent tip: Send your daughter a random text or e-mail message today thanking her for something she has done, even if it was expected.

"I'm sorry"

Saying I am sorry to your daughter shows respect for her feelings. It models healthy conflict resolution. Parent tip: Ask your daughter for her forgiveness for your offense.

"You are wonderful"

Our culture sends the message that if you are successful then you are valued.  Positive affirmation must be filled with descriptions of character, not just achievements. Parent tip: Hand out positive affirmation about your daughter's attributes not achievements. Example: "You're brilliant" rather than "Great job on that A."

I love spending time with you"

Become an observer of her personality, beliefs, and passions. Treat her as if you are meeting her for the first time, and really want to get to know her. Parent tip: Spend 10-15 minutes each morning or evening 3-5 days per week in conversation with her, where you are listening more than talking.

Adapted from: Terre Grable

7 Tips to Build Self Confidence

1. Help Her To Believe In Herself

If girls believe in themselves, they will be able to state their needs and see themselves as capable and lovable individuals.

Parent tip: Give her special tasks that enable her to feel significant, noticed and successful. Show your daughter that you enjoy her company.

2. Value Her Uniqueness

Every girl needs to be accepted for who she is. Let your daughter know what you admire about her. This builds her ability to stand her ground when pressured to stray away from her values.

Parent tip: Make an effort to understand her, even if you don't agree with her. Teach her how to speak up for herself, even if others disagree with her point of view. Encourage her to pursue her own unique interests.

3. Help Her Feel Like She Belongs

Girls have a need to be accepted, to be part of a social circle that she fits in with.

Parent tip: Help her to find social clubs, community groups and extra-curricular activities that allow her to nurture her interests and expand her social world.

4. Acknowledge Her Feelings

The sooner a girl learns that it's ok to express her feelings, the better able she will be to communicate with others and stand up for herself.

Parent tip: Acknowledge your daughter's feelings. Help her to put a bad day into perspective and not obsess over what other people think. Help her to trust her intuition.

5. Understand Her Social World

Ask her about her friends and interests. Teach her how to handle emotional bullying, sarcasm and the other behaviors that girls often engage in to exert their influence, boost their status and socially intimidate other girls.

Parent tip: Explain to her that the best rule of thumb to live by is: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

6. Deal Sensitively With Peer Pressure

Throughout history girls have been faced with the pressure to conform. Nowadays this pressure is happening at a younger and younger age.

Parent tip: Discuss the issue of peer pressure and the dangers of engaging in behaviors that go against your values or lead to negative outcomes. Try not to be overly critical of her. This only makes her want to be more rebellious.

7. Be Realistic In Your Expectations

It's important that your expectations are age and ability appropriate and not so rigid and unrealistic that your daughter feels like nothing she does will ever be good enough for you.

Parent tip: Encourage her to put her best foot forward, but give her room to be human and make mistakes.

Adapted from Cassandra Mack.