LASS Alumni

Are you a past member of LASS? If so, we welcome your continued relationship with LASS. The benefits of reconnecting include:

• Keeping informed of what LASS is doing.
• Sharing your LASS stories. How did LASS influence where you are today?
• Being connected to the growing network of self-sufficient young ladies.
• Learning about opportunities to attend special events.

WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! To connect with LASS, please email and join the Alumni Group on facebook.

Testimonials from LASS graduates
Ericka 2010 Alum
"Well LASS was a big thing for me, because it was my first year here in Rochester, and it helped me build great relationships with the other girls. Another thing is it really helped with my middle school and now high school years, dealing with drama in an appropriate way, and choosing better friends. Manners is something I've always used, but by participating I know the importance of it and it will get you more respect from the teachers. I feel like LASS had helped me become a great leader and a role model, and because ot that confidence boost, I have more faith and belief in myself, that I can do anything I put my mind to."

Deanna 2010 Alum
"LASS was so important because it showed me new things. It helped me to understand how real ife would be and it showed me how to do things for myself. My favorite part of LASS was when we did yoga and when you guys had people come in to talk to us."

Imari-2010 Alum
"I enjoyed LASS because it taught me new things. 3-4 years ago I would have never thought how important etiquette skills are and someone's first impression is. I thought the only way I can handle my problems is by fighting or arguing but I learned there's ways around it. Being a part of LASS has been a big impact on my life. Thanks for everything."